Rules of Entry


This competition is open to amateur performers only. No full time or professional dancers are to
compete in any sections.
There is no refund on entry fees. A competitor pass fee will be applicable per dancer.
Competitors are not entitled to a refund in cases of non-appearance in any section.
A small One Music fee is applicable to each entry.
Sections may be combined due to insufficient entries. Sections will be split if more than 20 entries and
will be done so according to age. Energy Dance Competitions can run up to 30 minutes early, please
ensure you arrive in plenty of time.
Energy Dance Competition (EDC) organisers reserve the right to close event registrations early if
A running sheet will be emailed to all competitors prior to the competition. Changes to the running
sheet will not be allowed.
There is to be no smoking on the grounds of the venue. There is to be no eating or drinking in the

Age is to be taken at the 1st of January for each year. Any entrants not adhering to this will be
disqualified. Birth certificates may be required for proof of age upon adjudicators request. Troupe's
must dance at the age of the oldest competitor.

Strictly no video or photography is to be taken in the theatre. Phones are also banned. Any audience
member seen videoing or taking photo's will be asked to leave immediately and the act onstage will
receive a zero score. Teachers, please inform your parents and students of this rule, as it may result
in disqualification.

All competitors enter and dance at this competition at their own risk. Energy Dance Competitions will
not be held liable for any injuries.

Teachers must check in at the front desk upon arrival.
Competitors must be present backstage during the section prior to the one they are competing in.
A competitor who commences performing an item and stops will be allowed to restart the item at the
end of the section for a critique only. However, if the restart is caused by a technical fault in
equipment or the wrong music has been played, a restart for adjudication will be tolerated provided
the fault is quickly rectified.
Competitors may appear only once in any section or age group.
No rehearsal is allowed on stage. No singing by the competitor is allowed in the Musical Theatre
A competitor who leaves the stage before completing their routine may reappear at the end of the
section for a critique only.
It is the responsibility of the school to be ready side stage in plenty of time for their performance.

Troupe music must be emailed to no more than two weeks
after the program has been finalised and emailed. Music must be in Mp3 format and the FINAL
version of this piece. The file name must be saved as follows:
Section number_ Section name_ Name of dance school 
Any music with inappropriate content is not permitted.
Troupe Sections - 5 minutes max.
If you have more than one troupe in a section, please also label them “A” and “B” and there will be no
change to this order on the day of competition.

Props are permitted as long as the competitor or teacher can place on stage and take away as well.
Props are not the responsibility of Energy Dance Competitions.

Safe acrobatic moves will be permitted in routines, however our adjudicators will not reward
acrobatics tricks over dance content. Whilst we accept certain acro moves can enhance a routine, it
should not take up more than 10% of any routine.

Competitors may be accompanied by only one teacher in the sidestage area and they must be
wearing a wristband, this applies to all sections. This is to ensure there is enough space sidestage for
the competitors and Energy staff, especially during large sections. Teacher wristbands will be
available from the front desk.
Parents will not be permitted access to the side stage area.

There will be NO curtain used at Troupe Day. Please ensure your dancers enter and exit the stage

Prizes will be presented at the end of each section. Competitors are asked to stay in costume if
Each section will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd awarded, as well as HM's in each section.
The adjudicators decision is final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into. There is
to be no communication with the adjudicator.

Dressing Rooms – the backstage dressing rooms may be prioritised for quick changes and male
dancers only.
The Troupe dressing rooms will be in the classrooms. All competitors, parents and teachers MUST
keep the dressing rooms clean and use the rubbish bins provided. Extra cleaning charges will apply to
schools if the dressing rooms are left untidy.