Energy Dance Competitions is pleased to be able to offer you the following sections and age groups:

Solo's, Duo's and Trio's and Troupes
6 years and under, 8 years and under, 10 years and under, 12 years and under,

14 years and under, 16 years and under and Open Age

No Novice or Open

Classical Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Lyrical, Neo Classical, Contemporary,

Hip Hop, Song and Dance (both tap and soft shoe), National Character,

Demi Character and Student Choreography.

New Section - Ballet Variation Any Age.

Fees are:
Solo's - $25.00
Duo's/Trio's - $20.00 per person
Troupes - $35.00
Plus a $15.00 competitor's pass per dancer (paid only once per competition)